February 19th, 2020

  • Fixed error in streaming statistics
  • Redesign of the streaming chat: new streamer, moderator and subscriber icons; personalized welcome message option to view the profile or give away subscriptions to users by clicking on their name, new notifications for coin drops, donations and subscriptions
  • Option in the account settings to select the color of the name in the streaming chat
  • Giving away random subscriptions to users or a specific user
  • Bot: automatic messages from time to time and response to custom commands; notification in follow-up chat
  • Redesign of the streaming cards, now you can add the image and the link directly on the card
  • Subscription plans: updated with new options. Select your plan to be able to configure more commands, automatic messages and more emoticons, among other things.
  • Redesign of the streaming interaction buttons and streaming information: a language can now be added to the broadcast and it is displayed a picture of the selected category

February 17th, 2020

  • Label alt to all images
  • Remove 404 from video previews when they do not exist
  • Fix error with dollar prices and LONG variables
  • Outbound link tags for search engines
  • Overlay ads in videos
  • Multiple video ads in one video
  • Video ads that cannot be omitted
  • Skipable video ads
  • Ads as a highlight image in recommended videos
  • Links and users in comments as url link

January 31th, 2020

  • Streaming channel statistics
  • Tags for Facebook, Twitter and search engine optimization
  • Statistics for advertising
  • Video sharing links
  • Advertising-compatible embedded player
  • Keyboard shortcuts for producers

December 30th, 2019

  • Android App on Google Play
  • iOS App on App Store
  • TRX Payments (Notifications, Dynamic Price, Dividends)
  • Rewards and Users' Reputation System
  • Fix urls for advertisement
  • Fix CDN problem with cached images

December 3th, 2019

  • Referrals functionality to dividends contract
  • Noixion Delivery Network compatible with Amazon S3
  • Improved performance on requests
  • NGO and campaigns views
  • New Smart Contracts
  • Advertisement payments to dividends contract
  • Multiplier to dividends contract
  • Fix bugs in learning recording
  • Open video views and trailers with no login
  • Users permission
  • CSRF Token
  • Tron wallet view (balance, transactions, energy, bandwidth, freeze and unfreeze)
  • Rebranding

October 23th, 2019

  • Fix carousel in series

October 22th, 2019

  • New logo in web and android

October 18th, 2019

  • New Smart Contract
  • Review design
  • Fix bug in not claimed streaming coindrops
  • Fix some ommited english-spanish translations
  • Eliminate cache from hot-streaming thumbnail
  • Convert hot streaming thumbnail to next-gen format
  • Add emojis to subcommentaries
  • Convert remaining static images to next-gen format
  • Fix issues in Android
  • Add footer
  • Version control using database
  • Add Digest to static assets
  • Add Uglify to static assets
  • Add Gzip to static assets
  • Fix visitor counter in streaming
  • Update stats view in streaming
  • Fix issues with notifications and commentaries
  • Fix emoticons in streaming

October 11th, 2019

  • Release of Android Beta version
  • Release of iMira demo