Speaker #1: Jörg Cassens, University of Hildesheim
Title: Human Centric and Contextual AI
Abstract: Humans use patterns (e.g., cases) to make sense of their rich and chaotic world, and context to understand and model it. For this reason, in this brief talk I’ll argue for consulting with humans on problem identification before devising a solution for it.

Speaker #2: Derek Bridge, University College Cork
Title: Quite Interesting
Abstract: See Derek’s Talk

Speaker #3: Héctor Muñoz-Avila, National Science Foundation and Lehigh University
Title: Understanding second generation of goal reasoners: using formal grammars to model their semantics
Abstract: Kulkarni et al. (2016)'s h-DQN is a hierarchical deep learning architecture that explicitly reasons with the goals to be achieved and the actions to achieve those goals. In this brief presentation, I am going to give a quick overview of the architecture, analyze it relative to a few dimensions in the OODA fr

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