Technical Session 2: Applications in Health


Paper 45: "Using Case-Based Reasoning to Predict Marathon Performance and Recommend Tailored Training Plans" by Ciara Feely, Brian Caulfield, Aonghus Lawlor and Barry Smyth.
Paper 67: "Classifying Breast Cancer Tissue through DNA Methylation and Clinical Covariate Based Retrieval" by Christopher Bartlett, Guanghui Liu and Isabelle Bichindaritz.
Paper 4: "A new adaptation phase for thresholds in a CBR system associated to a region growing algorithm to segment tumoral kidneys" by Florent Marie, Julien Henriet and Jean-Christophe Lapayre.
Paper 43: "Predicting the Personal-Best Times of Speed Skaters using Case-Based Reasoning" by Barry Smyth and Martijn Willemsen.

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