Noixion TV is a multimedia platform powered by TRON (TRX), with a decentralized storage system and content delivery network (CDN), where content creators, storage providers and end users can earn NXN.


If you create your account in Noixion TV you can access to generate content in different formats:
  1. Vídeos: create your own videos about whatever interests you most and publish them freely on our platform.
  2. Live content: Stream your content live and interact with your audience through chat, subscriptions, emoticons, etc. There are two ways to create live content: through tools such as OBS, XSplit... or directly using your webcam.
As a creator, although you can offer your content for free, you also have different possibilities to monetize it:
  1. Monetization through advertising: using different advertising services such as videos or banners. In addition, the platform allows you to choose where to place advertising and even add your own advertising to your videos, giving you more options than on other platforms.
  2. Monetization through payment: using the NXN token you can put a price on your content, so that users who wish to view it will have to pay the corresponding price in tokens.
  3. Monetization through subscription: using the NXN token you can monetize your streaming channel in such a way that your community supports you on a monthly basis.
  4. Monetization through donations: any user who wants to support you can donate NXN to you.
How do I upload a video to Noixion TV? Upload your creations without restrictions in a quick and easy way. Choose a thumbnail, select storage and advertising options and set a price. Here is a video guide to learn how to publish content on Noixion TV. (https://noixion.tv/videos/OdPRWS_EWYeY4j5HO-qEhw)) Upload your content and monetize now! Can I earn money through Noixion TV? Yes, by building your own community using the platforms streaming services or by creating engaging videos for your audience. Moreover, unlike other platforms, Noixion TV does not need any special requirements to enter monetization programs.


Noixion TV is a platform designed for the monetization of all users, so the more active you are on the platform and the more you use NXN, the more rewards you will receive from it in the form of NXN. Thus, a percentage of the tokens used per day on the platform are destined to the users, who will passively generate NXN. You can watch Noixion TVs free content without registering, but you will not be rewarded for it. Noixion TV is a very social platform, designed so that viewers can create their profile, comment on videos, chat with other users through the private chat or through the streaming chat, rate content and follow their favorite content creators. Sign up for Noixion TV for free here.


In Noixion TV there is not only room for creators and viewers, you can also advertise. What are the benefits?
  • Simplicity when it comes to make your banners or advertising videos visible quickly. You dont even need a special registration, any user can advertise in the system.
  • The payment method is the same as for videos, get NXN and use them to create advertising campaigns on the platform.
  • Reach your target in an efficient way, what better way than advertising in a space related to your product or service to find people with those interests?
  • Noixion allows a content creator to display advertising on a specific video, so you can contact the content creator you are interested in to advertise your product or service.
  • Access to detailed and fully customized reports about what your ads generate.
How do I create my campaigns? Through account settings > advertising > create campaign or through the following link (https://noixion.tv/4D5-N01X10N/create) and filling in the form choosing the type of ad you want to show:
  • Video ad that can be skipped.
  • A video ad that cannot be skipped with a maximum duration of 15 seconds.
  • A banner in the video itself in image format, ideal to have advertising embedded in other websites, using the formats 468x60px or 728x90px.
  • A banner in the related content, so that it appears to the right of the video player.