Kickoff for CBR Demos and Showcases

Kyle Martin, RGU

A System to Assist Semantic Web Data Editing Through the Use of Case-Based Reasoning

Nicolas Lasolle, Olivier Bruneau, Jean Lieber, Emmanuel Nauer and Siyana Pavlova
Upcycling Formal Specifications for Similar Implementations with Arís

Kuruvilla George Aiyankovil, Rosemary Monahan and Diarmuid O'Donoghue

Prototype Application to Detect Malicious Network Traffic with Case-Based Reasoning and SEASALT

Jakob Michael Schoenborn and Klaus-Dieter Althoff

VISAB - a Visualization Tool for CBR Agent Behavior in Games

Marcel Gaal, Tim Kunold, Vanessa Schriefer, Moritz Fröhlich, Leon Römer, Pascal Reuss and Klaus-Dieter Althoff

Closing Comments and Farewell

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